This is a photo of me

It was taken my budding little photographer Kaya. Kaya is my eldest and turns 5 in a couple of months (where does the time go???) Any time I get my camera out she instantly wants to start using it.

Many of her photos look this this.

Hardly the most flattering of poses.

That said, she does seem to be getting better with practice. She took these photos last year at Edinburgh Zoo

And she took this photo of her brand new baby sister in March this year

More recently she has been experimenting with the self portrait function of her dad’s iPhone

Not one to be left behind, it would appear that her little sister Blythe has also been getting in on the act. In fact, it seems that every time I plug my camera or iPod into my laptop, loads of photos like this appear

Thankfully, she also seems to be getting a little better at the photo taking skills

the self portrait seems to be a favourite of hers.

I actually really like this one. It’s Blythe’s hand and her baby sister Izzy’s face.

So the question is, will my daughters grow up to become photographers or will they just keep taking random photos of themselves? One thing’s for sure every time I plug in my camera I discover the little darlings have been playing with it again. It certainly makes for an interesting time trying to figure out just what they’ve been taking photos of.