This is me


Well, actually it’s me and hubby, but he doesn’t really count now does he lol. This photo was taken at our wedding last year, and our first anniversary was last Monday. Hubby brought me home a lovely bunch of flowers and a promise of a voucher for a set of massages. I gave him a poem. A lovely, heartfelt, last minute poem.

Truth be told, I actually forgot our anniversary!

The thing is, I don’t really see it as a proper anniversary. In my eyes, our real anniversary is the one we marked in June – 6 years and counting. It feels weird to celebrate a first anniversary when our eldest daughter is nearly 5 years old. Needless to say Hubby doesn’t feel that way. So when I received a text from the mother-in-law saying ‘happy anniversary’ one of the first thoughts I had was ‘oh yeah’, closely followed by ‘wtf am I going to get him?’.

You see, although Hubby earns a good wage we, like a great many young families today, are up to our eyeballs in debt and therefore all our spare cash goes towards paying off the credit cards. This meant that last monday I had a grand total of £40 with which I had to feed us all for 2 weeks (it’s not going well btw). Therefore I had no money to actually purchase Hubby a nice first anniversary present. Thankfully, I can be quite good at writing, therefore I hit on the lovely idea of writing him a poem.

I thought about being romantic and telling him I loved him and all that smoochy stuff, but that’s just not me I’m afraid, so instead I went down the honest and funny route. 

When he got home, with his lovely flowers (which made me feel pretty guilty lol), I sat him down on the sofa and read his poem aloud to him. Thankfully he liked it and it made him laugh. Not sure what I’m going to do next year though, maybe write 2 poems???

And so here it is, the poem I wrote to my poor neglected hubby


On our anniversary

No doubt you may be wondering

just what I your loving wife

may have chosen to do to mark 

this next stage in our life


Suffice to say, no anniversary,

present have I bought

Because speaking quite honestly

last night I forgot


Last month I thought of buying you 

a pleasant little trinket

but then we went to Ikea

and that idea was sinket


Last week I thought of purchasing

a trip to take us afar

but then I realised I’d forgotten

 about the insurance for my car


Yesterday I thought that maybe

I should buy you some Milk Tray

but then remembered you were on a diet

so that idea was thrown away


And so we arrive on this special date

and I have remembered (though slightly late)

that a year ago on this day

the two of us signed our lives away.

I have not bought a present to mark

this first wedding anniversary lark.

And in striving to make it up a bitty

I have penned you this little ditty

In between the cries from our bunch

amid their constant demands for lunch

and the shouts of angry little girls

annoyed they cannot control the world

The cooking, the cleaning, the sweeping

the nappies that don’t stop leaking

I’ve taken the time to say

that I love you in my own way

and I hope you appreciate the trouble and strife

that seems to come with being your wife